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  • Claim: “This morning, more people will go to work in North Carolina than any time in our history”
    • Fact: Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that the number of employed persons in North Carolina is at its highest level since at least January 2004. A simple logical leap could conclude that North Carolina is at its highest level ever.


  • Claim: “Our unemployment rate has dropped. Lower than the national average”
    • Fact: The state's unemployment rate dipped to 6.2 percent, which is down 2.2 percentage points since April 2013. It remains better than the national unemployment rate, which was 6.3 percent in April. – WRAL.com


  • Claim: “Over two hundred thousand jobs created under the leadership of our new legislature and Governor McCrory”
    • Fact: Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the number of employed persons in North Carolina has increased by more than 220,000 since January 2011.


  • Claim: “Tax rates lowered for everyone”
    • Fact: “Employees will see less withheld from their paychecks in the coming year. North Carolina will move from a system of three brackets ranging from 6.0 to 7.75 percent to a single rate of 5.8 percent on all income levels (this goes down to 5.75 percent in 2015). The state also eliminated the personal exemption ($2,500 for most single taxpayers), but will now offer taxpayers a higher standard deduction ($7,500 for singles).”


  • Claim: “Tax reform has moved us from one of the worst states to do business in, to one of the best”
    • Fact: Forbes ranked North Carolina as the #4 best state for business - Forbes
    • Fact: CEO Magazine ranks North Carolina #4 best state for business – CEO Magazine
    • Fact: “While not reflected in this year’s edition, a great testament to the Index’s value is its use as a success metric for comprehensive reforms passed this year in North Carolina. While the state remains ranked 44th for this edition, it will move to as high as 17th as these reforms take effect in coming years.” – Tax Foundation