NC Real Solutions Result in Needed Reforms

 “NC Real Solutions Result in Needed Reforms”

Real solutions provided by the NC General Assembly and the 2011-13 budget are already working in our classrooms, our businesses, and our family budgets.  Not only were real solutions provided in balancing the budget and helping our schools, they were also provided in a wide spectrum of other reforms.

Medical Malpractice Reform (SB 33)  -  The General Assembly passed SB 33 which expands access to care and will attract scores of new medical jobs. Under the former system, North Carolina doctors were forced to administer expensive and unnecessary tests and procedures. The high cost of that defensive medicine is then passed on to consumers in the form of higher insurance costs and to taxpayers in the form of costlier taxpayer-funded medical programs for the poor.  A 2004 article by the John Locke Foundation discusses medical malpractice reform.

Regulatory Reform (
S22H129H45H119H103H209SB781) – These new laws clarify and simplify some of North Carolina’s confusing and outdated regulations, making it easier for citizens and businesses to attain permits and rely on more predictable guidelines. State agencies have added or changed more than 15,000 rules over the past decade, many of which create uncertainty in the private sector and impede job creation. 

Medicaid and Health Choice Provider Requirements (S496)  - This new law clarifies and strengthens requirements of Medicaid and Health Choice providers. This will save money for North Carolina taxpayers. 

Employment Security Commissions/Jobs Reform (S532) – This lawmakes changes in order to streamline employment security laws by transforming the Employment Security Commission into the Division of Employment Security within the Department of Commerce.

Amended Environmental Laws (S781) – This lawsimplifies and streamlines outdated environmental rules and regulations.

Tort Reform for Businesses and Citizens (H542) – This law helps protect North Carolina business from worthless junk lawsuits.   

Annexation Laws Reform
(H845) –This long-overdue, comprehensive annexation reformthe legislature passed will keep municipalities from forcibly annexing private property and saddling residents with the high costs of hooking up to municipal services. This is the first time North Carolina’s annexation laws have been reformed in more than 50 years.

Repeal Land Transfer Tax
(H92) –Under this law, counties will no longer be able to impose this unpopular tax.

Promoted Level Playing Field/Government Competition
(H129)– This lawprotects jobs in the real economy and private investment by regulating local government competition with businesses in the communications industry.

Small Business Tax Reform (H200) - This business exemption allowedfor the first $50,000 in business income for those business owners who file an individual income tax form.

Workers Comp Reform (
H709) – This law clarifies and strengthens workmen's compensation rules and regulations.